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Yuletide letter 2013

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Holy crap, this is terrifying. I’ve been reading Yuletide from afar for several years and finally bit the bullet this year to try my hand at giving back in some way. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time, so thank you in advance for being so generous! Especially since I left out any optional details on my sign-up form and you probably saw that and said, “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Hopefully, you’ll have a better idea after reading this.

As a reader, I’m pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Even when I have a primary ship on a show, I tend to multi-ship and even do a lot of rarepairs. That tends to happen because I usually fall in love with fandoms because of ensembles and ideas rather than a single character. That’s a usually, though. There are occasional exceptions. I read all ratings and most genres, though I’ll admit, fluff tends to be a hard sell for me. I love plot, the plottier the better, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, either, so no worries you can’t go in that direction if you want. Het, slash, gen…it’s all good. What draws me most into stories is strong characterization, original ideas, and solid writing. I don’t like to read the same old/same old, which is one reason why plot is always such a strong draw.

I have a real soft spot for outsiders/lonely characters. They get to me almost every single time. Going dark is not a problem at all, whether it’s sexually, via violence, or angst. That’s not to say I go looking for it, but it does work for me a lot of the time. I love a great action scene, banter, and breathless kisses.

Things I dislike…number one has to be character bashing. I hate it. I don’t like vilifying characters for the sake of making others look good. It happens a lot in shippy fics, usually in trying to get rid of a canon partner or because the writer just hates the character. I’d rather the character got written out of the story completely than left in and painted in a poor light. I’m not fond of crossovers, unless I’m explicitly comfortable in the fandoms, and specific tropes like mpreg, tentacles, alpha/omega, and magic sex make me roll my eyes. Also, 95% of the time I backspace out of fics that headhop, so please don’t do that.

About my fandoms:

Mad Men: I am a latecomer to MM and devoured all six seasons in less than a month. I love how damn smart it is and especially how fascinating all the characters are. I don’t even really like a good majority of them, but they intrigue me to such a degree that I don’t care. Everything has a meaning. Nothing is left to chance. I think about this show long after the episode has ended.

I watched Peggy’s arc from the beginning and rooted for her the entire way. The problem is, she has absolutely abysmal taste in men. She always seems to hook up with guys who don’t see or appreciate every side of her. You know who does? Stan. Sure, they started off on the wrong foot (well, he did anyway), but their friendship has really grown and developed over the years. I loved, loved, LOVED their phone calls when they worked in separate offices. If anybody gets and appreciates Peggy, it’s Stan, and since I don’t think the show is going to go there, I would love to see fic that does.

The only character that made me cry more than once was Joan. First, when she was raped, then later when she accepted the bargain for the partnership. She is smart, capable, and constantly being underestimated. I would love for that to change. Does it need to be a ship fic? It can be. Not with Don, though. They would never work in the long run. And as much as I think Roger really does love Joan, I don’t see a future there, either. I’d rather it was an original character or possibly Lane if he hadn’t taken the path he had. Or maybe you can sell me on someone else I'm not thinking of.

This Means War: I loved this movie, all the way until the end when I got incredibly pissed off. Everything about it worked for me until then – the bromance between FDR and Tuck, their competition, their dates with Lauren. But honestly, the ending it went with was the one I found hardest to buy from the three that were shot. For me, FDR was in it for all the wrong reasons, while Tuck seemed to genuinely care and put an honest effort in. What I’d really love would be to see more of Tuck and Lauren, either while they’re dating or after she chooses him, but you know, genfic spotlighting Tuck and FDR’s friendship and working relationship wouldn’t go amiss, either. Those were my two favorite parts of this movie.

Continuum: I’m a sucker for time travel. Throw in a strong female lead and cool tech? I’m totally in. Kiera makes this show for me, though I do love the ensemble. Whatever you want to do with her within the confines of the show, I’ll love. Trust me. There is so little Continuum fic out there, I can’t even begin to offer prompts. I’ll just be grateful that someone is willing to write it.

Revolution: I have a soft spot for dystopian futures, so even though I know the science in this is spotty at best, I fell in love with the reluctant ensemble and tarnished heroes of this show from the start. Miles and Monroe especially make my heart twist, with their broken friendship, Monroe’s rising paranoia, and the love that just won’t go away. While I don’t really care for the young love angle, Charlie as a heroine intrigues me, especially as she’s such an interesting counterpoint to Rachel. In fact, outside of the Charlie/Jason stuff, there probably isn’t an aspect that doesn’t interest me, like the relationship between Jason and Tom as they struggle through their issues, or poor Aaron coming to grips with his latent insecurities.

Sons of Anarchy: Oh, Jax. You wonderfully proud, struggling, tormented man. He is the heart and core of what I love about this show, from his fierce devotion to his friends and family, to the way he fights his own imperfections. Slash him with Opie, write about his relationship with Gemma, explore the complexity of his love for Tara…it’s all good.

Silver Linings Playbook: While the family dynamics of the Solitano clan are the heart and soul of the movie, it’s the way Tiffany both disrupts it all and brings it all together at the same time that fascinates me. Write about her and Pat Jr, explore anything that happened prior to meeting Pat, or go far in the future. Whatever might intrigue you. I’m so curious to read about all of it. Her quote, “There will always be a part of me that is dirty and sloppy, but I like that, just like all the other parts of me,” is one of my favorite quotes in a long time.

I hope all of this helps in some small way! Thank you again!
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