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Going to the chapel

So the thing that was so cool yesterday has absolutely nothing to do with our vacation, other than the fact that the car ride to the airport gave Craig and I a couple hours to just talk. Offhandedly, I made a comment about, "No more babies, huh?" Wistful but knowing that there wouldn't be. I've known that for a while, but I poke at Craig occasionally to see if he's going to change his mind. When he (unsurprisingly) said no, I brought up the other thing I've been thinking about.

"What do you think about renewing our vows?"

Next year is our 15 year anniversary, and talking to my family and friends just got me wondering about it as a possibility in our future. Craig came back with supporting commentary, relaying how Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) is currently fundraising for his next movie, a horror film Hollywood wouldn't touch. One of his perks? He'll marry you (he's ordained).

I'm a sucker for fundraisers for movies, so as soon as we got on the wifi at SFO, I looked it up to get specifics. The more I looked, the more I wanted to get involved. I liked a number of the options, but the one I kept coming back to was the first one Craig mentioned.

So after more discussing where we agreed life is more about the experiences than the things you accumulate (we've always talked about getting a really wonderful grandfather clock as an anniversary gift to ourselves, but have yet to pull the trigger on it), he pulled out his credit card and we did it.

This is what we get:

Penn Will Officiate Your Wedding or Renewal of Wedding Vows in Las Vegas!

This will insure your marriage gets off to a magical start! First, I’ll arrange for you to be picked up by limousine upon arrival in Las Vegas. Then you’ll both enjoy professional hair and makeup so you’re looking and feeling your absolute best. I will officiate your wedding at the First United Church of Bacon. Yes, this is indeed a real church located right here in Las Vegas. I’ll also give you a pair of my very own personal VIP seats for The Penn and Teller Show and arrange for you to be my guests for the evening with a complementary SUITE at the beautiful Rio Hotel and Casino Resort (the beds have great leverage). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You’ll also get the following gifts: Limited Edition DC Contributors T-Shirt – Gallery Quality Movie poster – DC Website Access – Early Blu-ray – Screenplay PDF- Your Name Featured in the Ending Credits

Needless to say, I'm excited beyond belief by this. So is Craig. He adores Penn. He's been listening to his podcasts for ages.
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