Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Travel day

The day has finally come. Alex was up early, wanting to pack the car before he left for school in spite of the fact that we're not even heading to SFO until after they get home this afternoon. Plus, after both of them telling me repeatedly not to pull them out of school for an earlier flight, they now both wish I had done it so we could get there sooner.

I love seeing them so excited about it.

Our flight is actually a redeye with a layover in Chicago. We land in Orlando around 11ish, but since we can't get into the house rental until 3pm, we'll pick up our rental car and then get lunch and do some grocery shopping so we don't have to go out again afterward. No ideas yet what we're going to do Sunday. Something low-key, like the Kennedy Space Center or the airboat in the Everglades. I need to talk to my mom and find out if she's interested in either of them. She arrives on Tuesday, spikesgurl arrives Wednesday night, and then we'll hit the parks we want since there's overlap.

I have decided Thursday nights are the devil on TV. We can only record two programs at a time and there were four at 9pm last night that I wanted to record - Project Runway, Glee, The Michael J. Fox Show, and The Crazy Ones. So I chose PR and Fox because the other two are watchable on our OnDemand. Then, when I got home from taking Lucy to the friend who's watching her, I sat down to start watching PR, only to discover that our DVR had decided to record Glee anyway. Stupid machine.

We are still really behind on watching TV, obviously. It'll most likely wait until Saturday or Sunday night at this rate. *sigh*
Tags: television, travel

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