Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Blacklist

Some shows, I tend to be a day late in getting to watch and react to because I watch them with someone else in the family. For instance, I haven't watched SHIELD yet because the kids want to see it, so that'll happen either tonight or tomorrow. And Craig wanted to watch The Blacklist, so he and I watched it last night.

I am a HUGE James Spader fan. I have been ever since seeing Pretty in Pink in high school. Then I saw Mannequin and learned he really wanted to be an actor and not just a pretty face. I was mesmerized by sex, lies, and videotape, and he left me breathless in White Palace. I ADORED him as Alan Shore.

So watching The Blacklist? Pretty much a done deal.

And you know what? I *loved* it. I loved it within the stylized first five minutes, I loved it with all the twists, and I'm hoping I'm going to love it as it continues to surprise me as the season progresses. Judgment is still out on the girl, but so far, she's written as relatively smart and surprising, so I have high hopes.
Tags: television

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