Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Recovering from the week

Fall is here today, though probably only for a couple days. Of course, that means instead of mid 80s, it's currently 65. I've gotten so spoiled living here in California, lol.

After a busy week, I am taking it easy this weekend. Well, in a few hours anyway. I have to run Alicia out to go shopping for a birthday gift, then to get her hair cut. But she leaves at three for a sleepover birthday party, at which point I'm going to sit with my laptop and just write. I haven't had much opportunity to do it this week, and...I need it. I just want to retreat.

New TV I've watched this week...Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I know Dads is more than offensive, but...Seth Green! Giovanni Ribisi! I adore those guys. So I'll watch and hope it gets funnier. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was better, but that's another show I'm watching for an actor. Andre Braugher.

Ha, I think I picked most of my new shows because of an actor. The Blacklist: James Spader. Almost Human: Karl Urban. The Crazy Ones: Robin Williams & SMG. The Michael J. Fox Show: Okay, that's obvious, lol.
Tags: life, television

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