Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Tids and bits

The problem with writing in LJ every day to make it a habit? You realize just how boring your life really is, lol.

My big accomplishment yesterday was cleaning like a madwoman in the morning, then doing my usual running around in the afternoon, just to come to a screeching dead halt after dinner. Adrenaline crash. The dog was driving me around the bend, Alicia decided to be a teenager and retreated to her room (which meant I had dreams where she hated me, yeah know it's dumb but that's the way my brain works), and I was stalling on writing. I need to get back to it very soon. I pushed myself hard to meet my deadlines of the 1st, then spent last week getting caught up on all the admin stuff I needed to do (as well as had edits and a galley to finish). This week there's no more excuses.

In Outlander news, Claire has finally been cast. She doesn't look like how I envisioned, but that's just hair and make-up, frankly. If she's got Diana's vote for acting and chemistry, then that's what is important.
Tags: life, outlander

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