Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

More Mad Men

Yesterday proved insane. Alicia had a game after school, then I had to take her immediately to a scrimmage for her other team in preparation for the tournament this weekend. I ended up falling asleep on the couch waiting for Craig to get home last night. Long day.

I'm just starting season 6 of Mad Men. I had to buy it off Amazon to watch it now, but there was no way I was going to wait. This is the one season I've been spoiled slightly on, but don't say anything just in case it was something different, lol.'s been so damn fascinating.

Season 5 wasn't my favorite by far, but it was the first time I've sat here and cried at an episode. The one where Joan slept with the Jaguar guy in order to help with the account. My heart just broke for her. I recognize it has helped her financially in the long run, and that it's her utilizing the one asset she's been taught to take advantage of, but it's still gut-wrenching. She's had some of the hardest stuff to bear so far, I think. The rape. Trying to make that awful marriage work. I feel sorry for her in ways I don't Don or anyone else, mostly because it feels like they've created most of their own problems and she didn't (well, except for sticking with Greg longer than I thought necessary).

The tragedy of Lane might've hit harder if it hadn't been telegraphed most of the season. By the time he sank that low, it was just a matter of bearing it out until it was over.

But onwards and upwards, and soon enough I'll be in the same boat of everybody else, waiting for season 7 to come out.
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