Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Talked to my mom

My mom called last night. It's always a little bizarre when she does, because we speak so infrequently. She's gotten increasingly hermit-like as she gets older and when she hates technology in the first place...well, in combination with my introverted qualities, it makes staying in contact spotty at best.

Anyway, she called because she made copies of a lot of old family pictures and she wanted to send me a copy. Chatting evolved into health-stuff, and I discovered just how common the lumps/infections like what I got this summer actually are in my family. And you know, I never knew that before. It had never occurred to me to ask. Apparently, my baby sister gets them all the time, as did my grandmother, and my middle sister had her first one at the age of seven. Supposedly, I'm lucky that I didn't get my first until I hit my forties.

As glad as I was to hear that (and it really was kind of relieving to hear how commonplace they are in my family), it made me realize just how much of a bubble I live in. I have very little family context to place health issues in. I know of things, but most of them are from a child's perspective. I remember my middle sister's infection and didn't associate it with what happened to me at all. It never seemed to be a big deal when I was younger, but as I age, it feels like it might be more important to get a handle on things.

She's talking about potentially coming to Florida with us, which would be nice. If that doesn't work out, she'll fly out here instead in late October/early November. Two visits in one year? I wonder if there is an apocalypse coming, lol.
Tags: family

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