Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Monday miscellaneous

So far, so good on the return to WW. My weight Saturday was abnormally high because we went out late on Friday night, but that means I've had huge jumps in the past two days to keep me motivated, lol. I'm doing yoga today - it's been two weeks since I didn't go last week due to being sick - so that will help. And a much tighter rein on food. I've also switched to black coffee, which is helpful though not fun.

No movies for me this weekend. :( And how disappointed am I to learn what I did about Hobby Lobby? Thanks to those who pointed it all out to me, by the way. I like to know those things and only wish I had beforehand.

In less than three weeks, we leave for Florida. Since Alicia had her summer program, we opted for vacation over the kids' fall break, so on the 27th, we hop on a plane for Orlando, where we'll be staying for two weeks. spikesgurl is coming out for a big chunk of that, so it's going to be a ton of fun. Thank goodness the house we're renting has wifi, lol. The nice thing about being there for so long is that we can take our time doing stuff. It doesn't have to be going to a different park every day. And the house has a pool and a game room so there is plenty of stuff to do if we stay home. We all can't wait.

I posted "A Stone's Throw from Yesterday" at AO3 yesterday. I'm wondering if I should just devote Sunday to uploading a ton of chapters on stuff, one story a week kind of thing. Hm. I dunno. We'll see.
Tags: dieting, florida, life

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