Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Saturdays have to get better

My busy Saturday morning. I've headed back to WW meetings, because I totally slacked off the last two months and I need to get back on track. I didn't want to go. My weight was awful. Add to it getting into an argument with Alex just before leaving and I was pretty much angry at the world for the meeting's duration. It was all right, though L asked me afterward, "Are you going to say a word to me on the way home?" I felt bad for taking it out on her, but...well, I warned her I was in a bad mood when she picked me up.

Craig, Alex, and I went to Costco after I got back, Alex mostly because it's Saturday which means tons and tons of tasters. I'm not allowed to go very often because I go pretty crazy, lol. I was actually rather proud of myself today, only one Xmas themed thing (a penguin platter that was only $10 and just adorable) and a DVD set of comedy classics (because I'm a sucker for old movies). But my favorite find came off a taster. Dole Banana Dippers. Slices of banana dipped in dark chocolate and frozen, packs of four which came out to 2 points on WW. Soooooo delicious and honestly I'd prefer to a little bit of ice cream. Totally bought two boxes.

I have to head back out this afternoon to Hobby Lobby. We stopped in last night, but only for a few minutes. The place is HUGE. It came in where Mervyn's used to be, and was *packed*. It'll still be packed when I go back, but has to be done.
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