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I have not been able to find my routine all week, which is frustrating and exhausting. Too much running around, not enough sleep, not nearly enough work done, though in my defense, I've been doing admin stuff all week, getting caught up on things I'd let slide.

I'm also whiny, in case you can't tell, lol. Wednesday, I got home from walking Lucy and looked at the bottom of my right foot because my second toe was a little sore and I thought I'd stepped on something. Turns out, I had a blister completely covering the bottom of it and the skin had all torn away. I've had it in a bandaid since because it's all exposed and tender. I don't get blisters a lot, so yes, I'm being a baby about it, lol.

We had talked about potentially going to the balloon show in Reno this weekend, but the decision got left too long (because of sickness and work), and then it was too late to get Lucy kenneled anywhere. So the new highlight of our weekend? Going to the brand new Hobby Lobby, so Craig and the kids can buy their supplies for their planes to build, while I get patterned duct tape to make magnetic memo boards. Doesn't that sound exciting, lol?
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