Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Changing schedule again

Craig's schedule is changing again. They're in the middle of annual performance reviews, which means he had the opportunity to sit down with his manager and really talk about his job and his (un)happiness with it. It's been decided that the staying overnight on the peninsula doesn't need to happen anymore. They've restructured his work day so that he will work from home in the mornings, then head into the office around 10 or so. He'll get online around 7 to play and talk with the kids, then leave at 8 so he's home right around their bedtime. Waiting until that late to leave (both ways) cuts the drive time in half, thank goodness. There's also the added bonus that he'll see the kids in the morning without losing his time with them in the evening, and my restless nights will be gone.

Hopefully it will all be for the better.
Tags: craig

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