Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Project Runway and other bits

Still sick. It's settled in. Damn it.

On the plus side, I finished the short story yesterday so all I have to do for the next two days is edit and watch Mad Men. I'm almost done with season 2. I keep having Mad Men dreams, which means I'm consuming it too quickly, but oh well.

I think the only thing that saved Bradon - who very well should be in the final three, damn it - was the fact that Miranda was a train wreck longer. Though I was glad to see Justin get saved last week, it was because he was a nice guy and calmed the work room rather than any hope he would go the stretch. It all played out as I feared, that without Tim's save someone worthy would go home, though thankfully they pulled back from that at the end.

Ken and Karen need to be the next ones to go. They're useless.

And honestly, I know they keep chastising Jeremy's style as being old, but...I've loved almost everything he's put down the runway. I am totally his customer. Even last night's, as reminiscent of Pretty Woman as it was.

And I truly don't understand all the praise for Alexandria. I hated her poopy pants and ugly jacket last week, and I hated that LBD this week.

At this point, my ideal finale would be Bradon, Jeremy, and Dom. Hers was was one of the more interesting garments last night, though I agree with the judges about the ultimate win to Helen. Helen's dress was heads and shoulders above the rest of them, so damn sophisticated even though it was simple.
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