Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Hump day

Craig has been hit with this cold hard. He came home on Monday night so he could get more sleep and take it easier yesterday with work, but it's still rough. He had no choice but to go back in today,but it still makes me worry about him. :(

Mad Men has proven addictive. I'm one episode away from the end of season one. I can't say I like any of these characters, but they are utterly fascinating. I'll be gobbling up the rest so I can get caught up. (Though it's hard seeing Maggie Siff. I'm so used to her as Tara on Sons of Anarchy that I don't buy her in this.) The misogyny is tolerable mostly because I know this is all about the evolution of social change and it has to start somewhere. What's actually the hardest part for me to watch is all the smoking. It makes me gag, lol.

There's only a couple days left to post prompts for merlin_sexstars, so if you haven't already, run over and do so, please! The more choices authors have, the more stories we'll get. :)
Tags: life, mad men, pimping

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