Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Trying out Mad Men

I caved to peer pressure last night and finally watched the first episode of Mad Men. A lot of people I know have been watching from the start, with more coming in during recent seasons, so I'm aware of certain plot points and character arcs going in. I just had no idea what to expect from the show itself.

It's definitely a slow burn. I can't say for sure which way I'm going to swing on it yet. I always try to give shows 3-4 episodes (unless they're The Fall when there are only five and it's obvious after two I'm not going to enjoy it), so I guess we'll see. Part of me is hoping it does click. There's five seasons for me to watch on Netflix, with another that will probably show up before I'm done (if I get that far).

It's weird seeing Vincent Kartheiser, though. He still creeps me out, even though I know there are those out there who love him.
Tags: television

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