Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Taking it easy

So Six Flags isn't happening. I just can't make it being out all day. spikesgurl and I will do some shopping, and we're all going out for our favorite Vietnamese tonight to celebrate her birthday with Cold Stone after. Last night was a trip, with lots of laughter and margaritas. I love it when she visits.

summerpornathon is now officially over, which meant I could de-anon this morning for the KMM bonus fic I wrote last week. It's posted over at AO3, and it's an Arthur/Merlin fic called Boys No More. I find it ironic that the story I wrote for the porn bonus has zero porn in it, and even more so that I wrote A/M when I didn't write that pairing at all for any of the challenges. But it's a sweet story, and I'm still proud of it.
Tags: fic, life, merlin/arthur

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