Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

AO3 progress

So I've been adding three chapters a day to Legions over at AO3. It's usually around 10k and takes me half an hour to do between cleaning up the code, re-reading, etc. That's about all I can spare out of my day, but it makes for a relaxing period first thing in the morning. The hardest part about re-reading is wanting to fix everything - even then, I was using far too many epithets, and it's obvious my confusion with farther/further that I only overcame two years ago stretches far back - but I just don't have the added time for that. My writing schedule is insane right now and got slightly more insane yesterday when a fellow author called in a favor I owed her.

But...oh, man, do I love William. Legions was always one of my top three stories (the other two are Delicate and This Wanton World) and I'm being wonderfully reminded of why. Thank you to everyone who suggested this be the first to go up (I'm almost terrified of putting up Charms and Rhapsody since those came earlier in my writing arc and will be more cringe-inducing with all the stuff I want to fix). Symphony of Echoes will come next, thank goodness. I can prolong the others for a bit longer.

According to AO3, I have over 530,000 words published so far with all my fic. It's scary to think that's likely only a third of what the final number will be when I finally get all the Buffy long stories up over there.
Tags: fic

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