Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Hump day

Watching Blue Valentine last night when Craig's not around and my sleep is for shit? Not the best idea. I'm dragging today, and I can't afford it when I have so much to do.

Writing group was last night and it was even better than the last two weeks. I discovered that the two women I hit it off with the most are both Buffy fans and specifically, Spike. :) We spent way too long talking about stuff, and I shared the story/picture about getting the kiss. It was an absolute blast.

Alicia's first game is today. She's flipflopped again on the travel ball idea. Turns out, her BFF's team - which is a tournament team and not quite as intense as travel but more so than little league - is having tryouts this weekend. She's going for it, so she and BFF can play together. If she makes it, it won't be as strenuous as travel, especially since I can share carpooling with BFF's mom. It sounds like a good compromise all around, to be honest.

Keep your fingers crossed I don't fall asleep on my keyboard today.
Tags: alicia, life

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