Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Writing, writing, and more writing

Another Tuesday morning, another rough night of sleep. Good thing I have a ton of stuff to keep me busy today.

Yesterday did end up improving eventually, though I wasted more of my morning in emails than actually getting stuff I needed done. Going to yoga helped relax me, too, though I had to refrain from a couple of the stretches because it would exacerbate my hip. More good than bad, though. Definitely.

Monday nights TV distraction was a Netflix recommendation called Flypaper. I'd like to think I'm pretty movie-savvy but I'd never heard of it. It's a mystery/comedy with Patrick Dempsey (who I've loved since Can't Buy Me Love) and Ashley Judd where they get caught at a bank when two different sets of robbers decide to rob it at the same time. It wasn't bad, actually. I guessed the ending, but it had a zany Clue-like atmosphere to the whole thing that I enjoyed. And Dempsey's character was odd and neurotic which I adored.

Today is writing, writing, and more writing. My Shut Up and Write group meets tonight, so I'm going to that. That's a little easier now, and I'm actually looking forward to it.
Tags: life, movies

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