Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Last night was week two of the writing group, and it went really well. A new woman showed up that I really liked, and we talked for quite a bit. As an adult, I've rarely met people in real life (people I didn't know online first) who felt...simpatico, if that makes sense. These people are like that, her especially. Four of us even spent time talking about fanfiction at the end. That *never* happens outside of fandom for me.

So I'll definitely be going back next week. It was productive writing-wise as well as fun to hang out. Two wins.

I finished S1 of Continuum last night, so now I'm relegated to paying for S2 eps on Amazon. I went to AO3 to see what kind of fic was out there and was heartily disappointed. Less than 15 actual stories, and 10 of them were less than 1k. I think the longest was 8k. Considering it's a smart show that's more about the scifi than the ships, I'm not surprised. Just disappointed.

Alicia finds out today if she made the 8th grade softball team. She's not expecting to. Thirty-one girls get cut to twelve. It would be nice if she does, but at least my life will be calmer if she doesn't.
Tags: alicia, continuum, writing group

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