Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The eggplant explosion

Gardening this year has been more of a learning experience. We reorganized our tomatoes and they are flourishing as always, which means lots of tomato/basil soup for the others and cherry tomatoes to snack on. Jalapenos and herbs are doing well, though something is attacking the peppers and we can't figure out what it is or stop it.

My experiment this year was eggplant. I bought a single plant. It absolutely exploded.

I usually roast eggplant with other vegetables and do the occasional eggplant parmesan (Alex is not a big fan of eggplant in general so as much as Craig and I love the dish, I don't want to torture the poor kid by having it all the time. I'm curious if anyone has any eggplant recipes they'd like to share? Something different I'm not thinking of? I've got three more that will need to get used in the next ten days, and there were a whole slew of new flowers this weekend which means more eggplant in the coming months. Anything different to use them will be greatly appreciated. :)

Oh, and recipes that use fresh basil that aren't pesto. I can't use fresh basil fast enough and it's slowly driving me insane.
Tags: food

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