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Fandom stuff and a poll

My Twitter is all agog about the Doctor Who announcement. I wish I could be excited, but...well, I'm not in the fandom, so it's hard to be.

Team Wrath broke their almost 2-year losing streak over at summerpornathon yesterday. claudine and I both managed to snag a 1st place for our entries. I'm pleased as punch about it because I really liked mine. Of course, I nearly always like mine but that's because I gave up writing to place a long time ago, lol. Write for yourself, and forget about the rest of it. Kind of my attitude about writing no matter what it's about, I guess.

spuffy_haven is trying to get going again with their Sunday posts. I really wanted to write something for today's, but since I was already committed to Merlin's pthon, I couldn't really afford another fandom commitment. I have two novellas due by 9/1, one that still needs another 10k and the other barely started, so that's where the bulk of my writing energy is going. It's tough, though. My head has been in a fic place for a month now and I want it to stay there but it can't, lol.

Speaking of fic, tomorrow will be my last catch-up day on my old Merlin fic over at AO3 with the last Haven by Chance chapters going up. That means on Tuesday I'm going to start my multi-chapter Buffy fic. So because I'm bored and don't want to think about it, I'm throwing up a poll so you guys can tell me which one to post first, lol.

Poll #1927559 Spuffy fanfiction
This poll is closed.

What should be the first long Spuffy work I should put up over at AO3?

Beg the Liquid Red
Black Satin Voices
By Rook or by Crook
Charms of the Clarion
The Hunt
Legions of True Hearts
Promise of Frost
Rhapsody in Oil
A Stone's Throw from Yesterday

I've left off WIPS and sequels (Zephyr Ghosts, A Symphony of Echoes) for obvious reasons, as well as the Wanton World-verse and Delicate. If I've missed something obvious, tell me in the comments so I can look for it on my computer. I pulled this list from my writing folder so if I don't have something I should there, I'll need to find it before I can start putting it up at AO3.
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