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I've been watching a lot of Netflix lately, specifically on the nights Craig is gone. That feature they've got, the character called Max who picks something out for you to watch, is often pretty useless, but I've been using him mostly because I haven't wanted to decide for myself.

Tuesday night, it suggested the SyFy show, "Continuum." It looked interesting, and the reviews online were promising, so I decided to give it a go.

I *really* like it. I know there aren't that many episodes - 10 in the first season with the second season still going - so I've been trying to ration them. But I've watched five episodes so far and am really enjoying it.

I love that Kiera is smart and resourceful, without losing her femininity. The tech is cool, the show makes me think, and I especially adore how gray many of the characters are. Plus, how much do I love that someone as big and buff as Carlos concedes authority to Kiera so gracefully? Sure, he occasionally gives her a hard time but that's usually because she leaves him out of another secret, but he has stepped aside for her more than once, respecting her abilities without it turning into a pissing match.

Does anyone else watch it?
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