Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Getting ready for back to school

As much as I like how short the summer is, it always comes as a shock when it's time for school registration again. That's today. I picked up the packets on Monday, but when I went through them yesterday, I realized I didn't have two forms on the list they said to bring with us today. So I called the office. As it turned out, I wasn't going crazy and not seeing them. The first one hadn't been finished in time to include so we're getting it today. What cracked me up was her telling me this, though:

"You know, out of the eight hundred packets I've given out since last week, you are the only parent to call and ask about that missing form."

I'm not sure if I should be glad I'm so thorough or just sad about how ill-prepared the other parents are.

But a busy day ahead. We get to stand in line for an hour (if we're lucky it's that short) this morning before going through the process of getting their books, schedule, and miscellaneous school stuff. Then piano this afternoon. Kids start back on school on Monday.

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