Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So apparently I can't even do yoga like a normal person. :P

On Monday, I took my very first yoga class. It's a gentle yoga class, specifically designed for people with pain and mobility issues, as well as beginners. Very low-key. Everything was either on our backs, our butts, or hands and knees. I had little problem with any of it, especially after the instructor--an absolutely lovely woman, very warm and welcoming--came over, discovered I was hypermobile, and helped me get into positions that would actually stretch me so I could feel it.

Tuesday morning, I got out of the shower and discovered a bruise and lump on my abdomen. Now, I've had that lump for ages. It's always been teeny, baby pea-sized, and didn't hurt. I just attributed it to something scarring from my gallbladder surgery a few years ago. I scar very easily and figured something had adhered, no big deal. On Tuesday, it was the size of a quarter, bruised, tender to the touch, and visibly raised. So I made an appointment with the doctor, because I've always been taught lumps + pain = doctor.

I saw him this morning. He's of the opinion it's just a lipoma--a fatty deposit/tumor thing that people get, completely benign--that I traumatized somehow with the yoga. The timing is just too coincidental. He put me on prescription anti-inflammatories and I go back in two weeks to see how it's doing. In the meantime, no more sit-ups or yoga, and when I go back, I need to be more careful about hyperextending myself. It's too easy for me to do it. My body stretches and bends in ways that it really shouldn't, and I don't know better because a) it's not painful when I do it and b) I've been like this my whole life and don't know any different.

All is good, however, and I know it's completely benign and should clear itself up in time. I'm a little annoyed that I managed to screw up my first yoga class, though. :P

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