Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today was an "I hate people" kind of day. Part of it's the fault of hormones. Part of it's the fault of people.

First of all, woke up angry from a dream that was all about me trying to fight a group of people about an injustice. Though I knew it was just a dream, the emotions I experience in them are often so vivid they carry over into my day. It's always been like that. So, I started the day off angry.

Plus cramps from hell.

Then a couple hours later, I get a call from a friend reminding me that today is the day of a surprise party for someone who worked at my son's school. Now, I don't really know the person except to say hi, and I heard about it all secondhand, so I had never planned on going. Throw in my cramps today and yeah, it just wasn't going to happen. Except my friend proceeds to make me feel guilty about it, because I used the excuse that I just didn't feel right attending when I hadn't been invited. And then tells other people who proceed to text me and tell me I'm being silly and to get my ass to the party. I was pissed, but I still refused to go.

During all this, there are emails going back and forth between parents of Alicia's softball team. See, their team party is on Saturday, and one girl couldn't make it, but instead of her father leaving it at that, he went on to offer congratulations to all the coaches and assistant coaches daughters for making the all-stars teams. Which, uncool really, because not one of the three girls from Alicia's team who are on her current all-stars team have parents who coach, but he doesn't care because he's clearly pissed his daughter didn't make it when the coaches' kids did (they were on a younger all-stars team than Alicia's). But THEN, the assistant coach comes back with a bitter, "Well I was an assistant coach and my daughter wasn't picked. In fact she barely played all season what a wasted year." Which starts a whole round of bitterness and bitching which is really uncalled for.

Those events pretty much set the tone of my mood all day.

Sometimes people well and truly suck.

On the plus side, when I called Craig and told him I felt too awful to fix dinner, he volunteered to bring home pizza. Clearly he doesn't suck.

Oh, and because I've had the worst writer's block this week trying to figure out how to fix a plothole in my current WIP, I've been cleaning like a madwoman. So another plus is that my bedroom looks fantastic. :P

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