Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Can you tell I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting, lol?

Highlights from today:

1. It's my wedding anniversary. 14 years married, 16 years together. We don't really get to celebrate for real until after Saturday, though. Life is a little insane.
2. I found a great little bakery in town to get special cupcakes for dessert tonight in lieu of a treat. I bought a dozen, 2 each of 6 different varieties, but when I took them out to my car, I accidentally bumped the corner of the box with the door. Half of them jarred so badly, they tipped upside down. I tried to rescue them, but the frosting came off completely of more than a couple, so I cleaned it up as best I could, silently berated myself for being clumsy, then went back inside and asked for a paper towel because my hands were so sticky. After the girl heard what happened, she insisted on replacing the spoiled cupcakes. Needless to say, they have me as a customer now, and I ended up telling the story to half a dozen people. I hope they get business from it. The cupcake were great, too.
3. Both Alicia and Alex's ball teams are in their division championship games on Saturday. We don't expect Alicia's team to win - they didn't win an entire game all season, but then somehow turned it around in the playoff game against the 2nd place team and beat them 10-3 to qualify playing in the championship game - however, Alex's team has a great shot. They were ranked 2nd all season, and beat the team they'll be facing every single time they played them. Fingers crossed.
4. Only four more school days left, woo hoo!
Tags: alex, alicia, craig, life

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