Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I'm wearing my boot again for a little while.

Over the past week, the toes on my left foot--the one I had operated on--have been starting to hurt, along with the joint of the big toe. In ways that it hasn't hurt since I got the all-clear at 6 weeks. I have a sneaking suspicion I've been too hard on it.

See, once I got the all-clear, I started walking. Like, a lot. Well, a lot for me. I've been averaging 10-12 miles a week, and while I'm wearing proper shoes with added support, it's a lot more than I ever did before. The toes on my right foot are starting to hurt in the same way, and it honestly just feels like strain. But because the left big toe joint is actually quite painful a lot of the time, I've decided to take a break and overprotect it again to give time to rest and heal.

Which is annoying, because it felt like everything was fine, damn it.

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