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Thanks and stuff

Thanks to everyone on their fingers crossed on my potential writing opportunity; I think it worked because it seems fairly certain the work is mine if I want it. I'm waiting to give her a definitive answer, though, because it seems that somewhere in the past 36 hours, I've managed to pick up some kind of bug and am currently sporting a fever of just over 100. Yuck. No other real symptoms other than a slight cough, sore throat, and absolutely no energy, so could be worse. But I'm not thinking completely clearly at the moment and I want to be 100% coherent when I accept the position.

And a good thing I've already done my writing for the day. I don't screw up my schedule by being sick. At least...not yet.

Estate agent is coming tomorrow to value the house. Craig's opted to have them come in before it's all done to get an idea on what we can expect. Other than that, boring weekend ahead. Got a lot of stuff done today so I wouldn't have to fuss with it this weekend, which is either a good thing because it lets me take it easy and get over this bug, or was a bad thing by lowering my defenses by running around a good portion of the day and making me catch the bug in the first place. Ick. My head is going in circles. GOod thing tonight is mindless television night. American Idol, here I come.

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