Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today was one of those I hate the world days. I woke up all right, I guess, and took Alex to his game at 8am. I did my usual walk before the game, then sat and watched it, all the while texting with Craig about Alicia's game that was going on at the same time at a different field in town. Alex's game was better, lol. They won, and Alex got the game ball. His playing has really sharpened up with his glasses, and today he hit this gorgeous double off a pitcher who didn't allow very many hits at all.

Alicia got a game ball, too, but mostly because she kicked ass, not because her team won. They need to figure out how to clone her. She's on a team with much younger, more inexperienced players (because they had to combine two leagues to get enough teams to play this year), and she can't do it all on her own.

But after just went downhill. I went out when I knew my mood wasn't going to do being online any good. I bought myself a new pair of shoes:

...then went to Barnes & Noble and did some book therapy in the form of a new journal, an Anne Lamott title I didn't already have, and Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.

I can't say that it did much good, unfortunately. So I decided to screw counting points tonight and cheer myself up with food. We ordered our favorite Indian takeaway and got Ben & Jerry's for dessert, then sat and watched "Parental Guidance" with the kids. I'll probably end up regretting it on Tuesday, but I needed it tonight. It's not like I didn't walk three miles this morning or splurged for breakfast and lunch, too.

Tomorrow will be low-key. Taxes and maybe some gardening. I have an appointment on Monday with my gyno, then the kids are back to school on Tuesday.

Life goes on.

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