Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The state of me

It's been a busy week. I went back to the doctor on Monday morning, and I'm currently on my second round of antibiotics in an attempt to fight off the pain in my head and jaw. We think this time it might be sinusitis, because of how widespread the throbbing pain is. Who knows. I just want the pain to stop. It's frustrating because it feels like I finally get one part of my body fixed - my foot is better, my weight is going down - something else goes wrong. There's something funny happening on the side of my neck, too, like an electric shock in one specific spot that I think might be the result of a pinched nerve somewhere, but again, who knows. It's all very annoying.

My weigh-in on Tuesday was great. I'm down 14.6 pounds in 8 weeks. I'm very pleased about that.

Craig's birthday was yesterday, which was spent freezing our asses off at one of Alicia's softball games.

Alex has glasses now! We had a feeling they would be coming soon. Last year's eye exam showed a weakening in his distance vision, and this year's confirmed it had degenerated further. Craig got glasses at the same age. Alex loves them, lol. He can't stop commenting how clear everything is. It's helped in baseball, too. He caught an amazing pop-up today that he would've missed before most likely, and had a beautiful grounder in a game where few people hit off the other team's pitcher.

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