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American Idol

I can't say I'm surprised Curtis is gone. He's gotten more and more showboat-y as the contest has gone on, and frankly, he annoyed me last night. Was he the worst vocal? No, that honor went to Lazaro, but there is no way Lazaro is going for at least a few more weeks, not with the fanbase he has. (I'll admit, I adore the boy to pieces and am thrilled he's in the top 10, but I'll be the first to admit he has the weakest voice of the lot most of the time.)

I like the voting this year, especially that I can do it online like that and split my 50 votes up at one shot. Know what's surprising? My 50 votes were divvied up between 3 performers - 30 to Candice who I thought was stunning and is my fave to win, 10 to Kree who is my second favorite for her maturity and control, and 10 to Angie because Alicia adores her and I think she's got real potential - and all 3 were in the top 3 vote-getters. My favorites never rank high, lol. But honestly, of the top 10, only 2 of them were people I wouldn't necessarily have put there - I don't really care for either Paul or Janelle and would've replaced them with Aubrey and Charlie.

Speaking of Aubrey and Charlie...ohmigod, why didn't Charlie do this during the top 20 week?!? He would've totally made the top 10 then. He has never sounded as good as he did tonight. His voice was so clear and pure, just lovely.

And this has nothing to do with the contestants, but about the season so far. Well, Keith Urban, anyway. I had zero opinion of him before the show started, except mild disdain for being married to Nicole Kidman, but ohmigod, I have fallen in love with this man more and more as the season has progressed. He's even managed to raise my opinion of Nicole, simple because he's married to her, lol. When he started crying last week?!? Holy crap. LOVE. HIM.
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