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Yesterday was my six-week follow-up to my foot surgery. The doc looked it over, then sent me for xrays, after which, I went back to the office and waited for him to look at them. The verdict is, my foot is doing great. Everything's healed the way it should inside, my scar isn't sensitive, most of my swelling is gone, and my pain is minimal unless I do something stupid. The end result is that I am now officially back in two shoes, woo hoo! Sleeping without the orthopedic shoe isn't very fun right now--I must curl my toes or something in my sleep because the big toe joint always hurts like a bitch when I wake up after those nights--and my foot is a little achy from my first real day in my skechers, but generally speaking, everything is great. I've got Mederma to help the scar fade, and I'm going to gradually add exercise back into my life. I don't have to see him again until May when we'll start talking about custom orthotics.

Elsewhere in my health, I've been at Weight Watchers for 4 weeks now, and in spite of my limited mobility, Alicia's birthday, and my mother's penchant for chocolate, have lost 9.2 pounds. I'm good with that. Very good, actually. It's a steady, slow loss, which will stay on track even more now that I can start doing more moving around.

Alicia is off to LA in the morning for five days for jazz band. They're performing down there, and then doing Disneyland. Our busy schedule is starting to really pick up. They've been in practices for baseball/softball for a month now, and the official season starts on the 9th. I have to be smarter about food in this interim if I want the weight loss to continue, so plans are in the works.

I rarely do a professional squee here, but I can't resist today. Over the weekend, one of the m/m authors I admire most in the market asked me to collaborate on a story with him, something he very rarely does. I was bouncing all weekend, because I think he's amazing and he's highly respected, and to know he admires *my* work enough to trust me with this pretty much made my year. :)
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