Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today, we took my mom to Napa, an absolutely gorgeous day for it. Mid 60s, perfectly blue skies. Our afternoon was cut a little short, however, when the second winery we went to had an insane line just to get in. We went to try a different winery, but my foot was throbbing at that point. When we'd left an earlier winery, I'd accidentally stepped my full weight on my toes and the balls of my feet. The stairs were very shallow and I'd misgauged as we were going down them. Ouch.

Tonight has been spent under ice.

Mom's here for three more days, at which point my life should return to normal. This has been a learning experience for both of us. She's got more comfortable as time has progressed, which means the past few days have been more productive for me. We've given her a standing offer to move here after she retires next summer, but who knows what she'll do.

Tomorrow, I'm going out with a friend to see Side Effects and a little shopping to celebrate her reaching her first weight loss goal. Yes, I'm taking advantage of a babysitter while I can, lol.

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