Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

That age meme

I was bored, and I hadn't done the age meme yet, so I asked slaymesoftly for a number...

Age I was given: 24
I lived in: Ann Arbor, MI/Green Bay, WI
I drove: my fiance's gray Toyota Celica
I was in a relationship with: my first husband. We were engaged, and got married the following year.
I feared: Honestly, I don't remember. As rough as that relationship got later, things were still good when I was 24, and I was really quite content. I suppose if it was anything, it was probably failure.
I worked at: Office manager for an HMO/medical billing
I wanted to be: Settled. I was tired of moving around.

Now I am: 42
I live in: The Bay Area in California
I am in a relationship with: my second (and last, lol) husband
I drive: a 2011 burgundy Ford Flex
I work at: writing (self-employed, I guess)
I fear: Being alone
I want to be: Healthy

If anyone wants to play, I'll give a number. :)
Tags: meme

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