Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today was up and down.

Up: My weigh-in this morning went great. I'm down 4 pounds so far, woo hoo! I fully expect this next week to be a tough one, though, because of Alicia's birthday dinner on Sunday. She requested the Pioneer Woman's lasagna (which I add sausage to), her usual cake (chocolate with strawberry filling and real cream frosting), and profiteroles. There is no way all that is going to be in my house and I don't get a portion.

Down: The meeting ran long, so I missed getting into see Gangster Squad. Boo.

Up: Zero Dark Thirty was actually quite good. I'm not a fan of anything regarding the Middle East or 9/11. I see mention of vet/Gulf War/WTC in a blurb or description and immediately flip away. However, ZDT is up for Oscars, and I'm trying to see as many as I can. It's a long movie (2 hrs 40 min), but didn't feel like it, which is a credit to the director. But I guess I just don't see what's so mind-blowing about it. Well edited, yes. Well structured. But...not my favorite of what I've seen from last year. And I'd thought Jessica Chastain just might get Best Actress because I didn't think ZDT would get anything else, so they'd throw it to her (especially since she couldn't win for The Help last year). But after seeing it, and with Jennifer Lawrence pulling in so many awards, I'm changing my mind. I'm not sure ZDT will get anything, honestly.

Down: I've had a tender/painful spot at the base of my skull for a few days now, but after the movie today, it just exploded. Plus, my foot has been hurting a lot today for some inexplicable reason, so I've been pretty much camped on the couch for the last four hours under ice packs, and asked the kids to make the chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight. I just caved and took some ibuprofen. Hopefully that will help. My head's probably just a tension or sinus headache, right? Because in my pain-addled state, my brain went straight to tumor, lol.
Tags: diet, life, movies

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