Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I've been reluctant to post because of all the LJ issues lately, which just makes it easier to forget or consider giving it up, even though I check LJ constantly all day. It's been crazy the past week--kids going back to school, trying to get ready for my surgery, editing galleys before I'm doped up on drugs.

So bunion surgery is Friday morning. Early. I'm the first op of the day, so I get to be there at 6:45am. Fun. Not. Plus side is I'll be home by 11am. Then bed and drugs for the weekend. But man, I'm ready for this.

Small world incident of the month. This morning, I was checking out a college friend's new photo on Facebook when I saw that another friend from college had already seen/liked it. We had done three shows together back in the day, so on a whim, I checked out his page. Turns out, he's currently in rehearsals for a musical production nearby and in fact, lives in the same county as I do. Which, if you realize we both went to college in SE Michigan, is kind of funny. I sent a friend request and when he accepted a little bit later, we chatted some and marveled at the coincidence. Needless to say, I'm going to see his show. He's performing at my favorite non-SF theater in the area. How could I not?

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