Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A week until Christmas. It doesn't seem right that it's so close.

I have two appointments in the morning, doctor's and counseling. The first is to get the follow-up bloodwork done on my vitamin D levels, the latter will be my last session until well after my surgery. I have to admit, I like having someone to dump on every week. I'm going to miss getting to talk to her on a regular basis. But it'll be interesting to see if anything changes in my mood and such in the time I'm not. I feel stronger in general. More motivated. I still get hit with stuff that takes me off guard, but doesn't everybody?

The kids and I have been catching up on Once Upon a Time. They'd stacked up with our busy schedules. In spite of my reservations about Hook and some of the plot points, I'm enjoying it a lot. I like how gray everybody is this season.

Also, writing. Fic, specifically. I'm plugging away at the Spuffy story I started for Seasonal Spuffy. I can't say I'm 100% happy with it, because I'm finding it difficult to get back to the voice of it all, but I've never written anything that is set right after the end of season 5, so for that, it's been worth it.
Tags: life, once upon a time, spuffy

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