Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm leaving in two days for GayRomLit, which is a reader/author interaction meet that spans three days. There's author Q&A's, readings, cocktail parties, a booksigning, publisher spotlights, etc. I'm doing a Q&A and the signing.

I've been a wreck most of the night trying to find something suitable to wear to the various events.

90% of what I try on in my closet makes me feel fat, frumpy, or too mom-ish, or all of the above. And I know why. I'm PMSing like mad. I'm due to start this week, which really, should be another consideration for what I decide to pack. And I know it's ridiculous to fret over it. I've known a few people who are going for years. I shouldn't be so wrapped up in making a good impression. I shouldn't care about what people think about me based on my appearance.

I know all these things. It doesn't change how I feel one iota.

Like I said. It's ridiculous.

And I still hate 90% of my closet.
Tags: life

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