Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So color me happy when an Amazon box showed up on my doorstep this morning with the last book in the series I'm obsessed with! I wasn't expecting it until Tuesday, so it's a wonderful surprise. Now I just have to find time to actually read because the kids have started their two-week fall break as of today.

The antibiotics are working, though I'm very much not out of the woods yet. It's been 48 hours since I took the first dose, and most of the pain across my cheeks and ears is gone. The glands beneath my chin aren't sore anymore, either. Instead, the ones directly beneath my ears are all of a sudden too tender to even touch. I know it's all the same infection, but it's still annoying because those weren't even bothering me that much before. I'm choosing to think of it as the drugs chasing the infection into a corner, lol.

Tonight is movie night with the kids. We just got the Indiana Jones set on blu-ray, so since we saw Raiders at the imax a few weeks ago, we're going to watch Last Crusade tonight. Craig refuses to watch the second movie, not that I can blame him. It's my least favorite of the four. But the kids and Craig will have popcorn, and I'm going to sit with warm compresses on my face for the sore glands, and it'll be a relaxing evening.

I just have to stop thinking about that last book. And wondering what happens in it. And dreaming about that damn hero. :P
Tags: life

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