Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I sucked it up and scheduled a doctor's appointment for Thursday morning. I'm not 100% convinced it's a sinus infection, though I'm sure it's *some* kind of infection. The pain doesn't start in my sinuses, but instead radiates to there. When it's ebbed, it's localized to my submandibular glands and lower jaw, which aren't normally related to sinusitis. They tend to be connected with salivary issues, though they're susceptible to infection just like any of the other glands in your neck.

Well, whatever. The important thing is I'll have him look at it and hopefully get antibiotics. I'll have to tell him that those particular glands have been acting up for a couple months now, too, though it's fairly constant now rather than the sporadic aches I got in July.

Stupid body.
Tags: life

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