Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Last night was a night of feeling both like a great mom and a lousy one.

Case #1: Alicia's band concert. She's in both jazz and symphonic, so played twice. She got asked by the teacher to stay after school to help out, and while we were there, I had two different strangers (other parents) as well as someone I'm slightly acquainted with, say to me what a great girl she is, how helpful and charming and all that. So...proud mom all around, right?

Case #2: Alicia and I get home from the concert, and I ask her to call her dad while I do something else so I can know when he's going to be home. After, Alicia asks me when Alex's old teacher called, because their number is showing up on our phone. I hadn't spoken to them. I pull out my cell, and I have two texts and a voicemail from her which I'd never heard because I'd had my phone on silent for the concert. It's a message saying Alex was crying from a massive headache and is it all right for her to give him something. See, Alex was at movie night for his school. His best friend's mom organizes it, and she'd asked if Alex could come with them and then spend the night. Since he'd much rather do that than go to Alicia's concert, I said sure. But she was uber-busy because of stuff, so Alex's ex-teacher, N, (who I've gotten to be good friends with and who thinks Alex is one of the best kids ever) was helping keep an eye on the boys.

I'm on the phone with N within two minutes, getting the whole story. She says he's fine now, but I feel like crap because Alex has been complaining about headaches off and on for two days. Every time I tried to get him to take something, he'd say it was better and beg off. I know part of it was because he was afraid of saying something and losing his sleepover night, but I still felt awful for not being more insistent. We're both pretty sure it's allergies/sinus headaches. I've been suffering with them for the past week as the weather has changed, and Alex has become very susceptible to seasonal shifts since we've moved here. N told me, too, that he'd gone to the office complaining of them yesterday, and yet, even though we'd talked about his day at school, he never mentioned it.


I know why he didn't say anything. I just feel idiotic that the seasonal thing didn't click with me until I talked to N. I'd quizzed Alex about his symptoms, made sure he was hydrating (because he was complaining they were happening at recess when he was running around and not drinking anything), and offered pain relief which was turned down. But we always think we can do better, don't we? We hate seeing our babies in any kind of pain, and the thought of him lying on the floor with his arm over his eyes and crying...tears me apart.
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