Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My sleeping has been so weird lately.

Remember the other night when I woke up so early wide awake? Not that unusual, apparently. I have been regularly waking up in the middle of the night feeling refreshed and ready to get up to face the day, only to discover that I've got hours before my day is supposed to start.

Last night, it happened the first time at 12:47. When I went to bed at 11. Obviously, I forced myself to go back to sleep, but woke up at 3. Then 5. I finally got up at 6, which was what I'd planned.

It's just...bizarre. This is not me. It never has been. I've always been the sleeper, the *heavy* sleeper, I might add. When the kids were babies? Craig was the one who woke up and got them for changing or bringing back to me to feed. I sleep light when I'm in alone, but not when Craig is home. Or at least, I never did before.

And it's not like I'm waking from nightmares/terrors (which I have been known to do), anxiety attacks (something that never happened until I hit perimenopause), because I'm in pain, or some other explainable reason. I'm just waking up. Alert. I'm not taking naps during the day, I haven't really been feeling sleep-deprived during the day, and I've cut my caffeine intake to a third of what it used to be since coming back from the UK. Plus, I don't drink any caffeine after mid-afternoon anymore.

I don't get it. I really don't.

ETA: It occurred to me after I hit post that maybe it's got something to do with the vitamin D I've been taking for the deficiency. I should look into that. I'm not worried about or anything. Like I said, I feel fine during the day, getting stuff done and the like. It's just weird not being tired when I don't think I've slept very much.

ETA 2: Well, there is a link between D and sleeping, in that it's supposed to help a lot if you take it in the morning (which I already did), but the changes in me haven't been exactly what I've read. I mean, I'm feeling more rested for the most part (except for days when there's a reason for me not to), but this wide-awakeness is still weird.

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