Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I've been bad about posting here the past couple weeks, mostly because I've started blogging again on my pro blog. I feel like it's cheating if I talk about the same things over here, lol. I'm not keeping it to just writing stuff over there, but TV and books and news things and more. Like tomorrow's post is about the new AI judges.

I thought I was done with it, but now I'm all kinds of curious to see what their chemistry is like. It's clear they're trying to recreate what The Voice has done, but whether it succeeds or not is another matter.

Otherwise, it was a good weekend. I've discovered I *really* like working in our recliner upstairs in our bedroom. I've cleared out a lot of the junk that was in it, so it's much more pleasant to hang out in the room, and now Lucy has a bed in here under the window so I can work up here during the week when nobody else is in the house. I don't trust her downstairs all on her own. She gets into things she shouldn't. Or does things she shouldn't. But if she's inside and I want to work, now I can keep an eye on her.
Tags: american idol, life

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