Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I spoke with the rheumatologist this morning about the results of my bloodwork. For the most part, my levels on everything were excellent, nothing to worry about in almost every area. However, as it turns out, I have an extreme vitamin D deficiency, which is almost assuredly why the joint pain has been slowly spreading. The pain in my toe is actually osteoarthritis, but he says from the xrays that it's still in early stages, and the deficiency has just been exacerbating everything.

You know what? This is the best news I could've gotten. For two reasons.

1. I'm not crazy. I was going a little nuts the past month or so with the health anxiety, wondering if it's in my head, wondering if something more serious is wrong, etc. All the tiredness and pains can be completely explained away by this.

2. I can fix it. Easily. I already take a multi-vitamin, but I'll be adding in D3 to boost my levels back up to something more normal. I'll get my levels tested in three months to see how they're doing and evaluate from there.

So relieved.
Tags: health
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