Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So. The funeral was today. I pretty much cried through the whole thing. Expected. Then crashed when we got home from the get-together afterward.

Currently, however, I'm pissed beyond belief at something else entirely. I'd encountered some security problems with my eBay account last week, at which time I discovered someone was trying to access it and had gone as far as change the primary email. I went through the hassle of changing passwords across the board, security questions, associated email accounts, etc, and thought it resolved.

Then, on Tuesday morning, when I was trying to get the last bits of stuff done before flying, I got another email saying there was an account linked to mine that had maxed out selling rights for the month. Since I didn't do this, I got on the phone straight away with customer service and got it straightened out.

I thought. Tonight, I got another email saying my account had been used again without my permission, at which point I logged on and discovered that the other account linked to mine still wasn't taken off. I changed everything again, then thought, "Screw this," and closed it out.

It pisses me off that this is really the only safe thing I can do at this point because I can't trust eBay to follow through on problems. I don't really use eBay more than three or four times a year, but I used to use it quite a bit in its early days, both selling and buying. I've had this account for over ten years, with a rating over a thousand without a single negative, and now that's all gone.

At least it's distracted me momentarily from my grief.

Worst part is, there's a 180 day waiting period before it's officially closed. Talk about a pain in the ass.

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