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I ended up doing the movie day I had planned last Saturday today, taking Alex and his friend to see the new Wimpy Kid movie, while Alicia and her BFF went to see Spiderman. I actually got a hardass cashier who demanded to know how old the girls were, since they would be attending alone and it's PG13. Needless to say, today they were 13. :P

Best part of the movie? At one point, the parents give Greg (the lead) a new phone. Not a smartphone, but basically a starter phone which can only dial 911 and home. The kid groused. Immediately afterward, Alex leaned into me and whispered, "He should be grateful. His parents didn't have to get him a phone at all." Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kids, lol?

They are currently camped out in the living room because I'm going to wake them in a couple hours to go outside and see if we can catch any of the meteor shower. That's the plan, anyway. I'm not saying I'll stick to it. That requires me not to just turn off my alarm when it goes off and go back to sleep. An all too real possibility.

Of course, my sleep has been so messed up lately, who knows what will happen. Alicia tried to rectify it last night by volunteering to sleep with me since I hate sleeping alone. Only problem with that...she's a flailer. I got hit in the face twice with her arm when she swung it over to my side of the bed, and was up a grand total of 7 times before I finally gave it up and got out of bed at 7am. I woke up feeling so awful, I Skyped Craig and kept him on the line for nearly two hours, not really chatting with him, but just listening to him work on what he was doing. My BIL and his wife were sitting there with Craig, watching Olympics as they waited for dinner, and honestly, it felt so good. Like we were all in the same room. I really needed it.

And as much as I dread what this week brings, I can't wait until we arrive in the UK on Wednesday. I want to spend that night just curled up into Craig for hours.
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