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Moving sucks

Craig and I have known for awhile now that the visa stuff was going to be icky to handle, but I'm so incredibly frustrated by the whole process that I'm actually considering saying to hell with the whole thing and telling Craig we should stay. I won't, of course, but I really wish I could.

We have to go into London tomorrow. Both of us. Because paperwork for the visa has to be notarized for submission. You'd think that wasn't a problem, but apparently, there is only one acceptable notary in this entire country, and that person is only available from 10a-2p in London. We knew we were going to have to do a trip in, but I figured it would just be me as I'm the American. Nope. Both of us have to go. Which means going on a nursery day and praying nothing happens with the train to prevent us getting home in time to pick up the kids.

I know, I'm whining about no big deal, and really, it probably isn't. It just comes on the heels of having to deal with a shitload of other incompetents, in varying capacities of my life, that are giving me hours more work than I really need. I still haven't finished taking down the decorations from Alicia's party, my dining room still looks like my kitchen threw up on it from all the crap that got stowed in there last weekend when the tiling was done, and if I have one more computer problem that buggers up what I'm trying to do, I'm going to pull my hair out. I'm tempted to just throw every computer in the house out the window and say to hell with it. We existed before we had them; we can exist again.

Maybe I'm just PMSing. Maybe that's the reason for my mood.

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