Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's almost 8am here, and I'm the only one up. Yesterday, Craig and the kids went sailing. I think they're still tired from that.

With them being out a good part of the day, I booked a facial to pamper myself. Only problem was...Craig took my car and didn't leave the keys to his car for me to drive. A fact I discovered twenty minutes before my appointment. It didn't end up doing much, because the spa is only a (very) brisk, 10-minute walk from my house, but considering it was supposed to be about relaxing, I was a little annoyed.

And man, I do love facials in general, but the extraction part of it is not fun.

Afterward, we went out for dinner and to see Brave. I'll admit it, I was a little disappointed. I liked the idea, it was visually stunning (Scotland and Celtic stuff is my Achilles heel), and it had its moments, but it was never enough in any one direction to really make me respond. Meaning, it was never funny enough to make me consistently laugh, never heartfelt enough to really engage me emotionally. I spent most of the movie staring at Merida's hair and wishing I could have it, lol.

Today...stuff around the house and shopping. Groceries this morning, and this afternoon, I'm taking Alicia and her BFF out for some school stuff. I have my doctor's appointment early tomorrow morning for the referral, as well as to discuss the various pain stuff I've been experiencing to make sure it's not serious. I'd like to get some writing done at some point today, too. I finished the first draft of a story I've been chipping away at for months the other day, and I'm beginning to feel juiced again so I want to take advantage of it.

That being said, I would love it if I could reconcile my refusal to conform to popular opinion with my need to not have anybody dislike me, lol. Not sure why I do that to myself.
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