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Checking in with life

My body is finally back on California time, which is just as well since the kids start school next week. Yesterday, Alicia and I spent the entire morning out in the sun of her middle school, standing in line to get her schedule and books, as well as her BFF's since they are out of town at the moment. The school chooses to do it A-L in the morning, and M-Z in the afternoon, which for three grades is a hell of a lot of people to get through. Alicia's not happy, either, because she and BFF have zero classes together. AND Alicia made symphonic band and her friend didn't, which always adds friction between them. The girls are highly competitive in general, and while Alicia doesn't really mind losing to her friend, the converse isn't true. Case in point, BFF announced at the end of last year that she was quitting chorus because she was tired of not getting the solos anymore (because Alicia started getting them when she joined up...just so she could hang with BFF).

Sigh. Tween drama.

The heatwave in the UK isn't good on my MIL. She finds it increasingly hard to breathe when it's hot, and as a result she's taking more meds to sleep. It's the action we expected to happen eventually, but it's still hard to hear. It also doesn't help that I'm dreaming about her every night. :(

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on my therapy post. *hugs* I have an appointment with my PCP early Monday morning. I'm getting a referral for a therapist and bringing up all the pains I've been having. I really want to hear it's all stress-related and will go away, but who knows. If it is OA, then I'll live with it. My obsessive mind has made it difficult not to imagine worse, and staying away from Dr. Google is hard.

Meanwhile, I'm throwing myself into my life, trying to be as active as I can, taking walks, doing more stuff with the kids, etc. We went and saw Ice Age 4 last night (which I laughed hysterically throughout). I want as much peace and happiness in every moment as I can get. Getting food back on track has helped. I'm down eight pounds of water and first week weight since I started weighing myself a week ago (don't worry about that number, I weighed myself in the morning and then got my period that night, so it was too inflated to start with), which isn't a real loss but enough to keep me focused on reorganizing food's role in my life.
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